About InfinitPipe® by QuakeWrap

InfinitPipe® is the latest revolutionary product developed by Professor Mo Ehsani that allows construction of a pipeline of virtually any size and shape, directly on-site!

InfinitPipe® is the innovative FRP pipe that can be made continuously, with no breaks or other vulnerabilities. This high-pressure, corrosion- resistant pipe eliminates pipe joints – the No. 1 cause of leakage and maintenance in pipelines.

InfinitPipe® is manufactured on-site using raw materials that are lightweight, compact and shipped in ordinary containers. The construction of InfinitPipe® uses a mandrel that has the same shape and size as the pipe being manufactured. Various layers of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) and spacer products are wrapped in the field around the mandrel. The number of layers of FRP is designed based on the required internal pressure of the pipe. The spacer is what gives the pipe its overall stiffness and rigidity. The outer skin of the pipe is wrapped with layers of Glass or Carbon FRP for environmental protection.