The On-Site Pipe Solution
Most pipes manufactured to date require extensive heavy equipment to handle, and manufacturing in a large plant. These larger pipe sections are typically made in 20-foot (7-meter) pieces and are shipped to the job site for assembly in the field. These logistics add significant transportation and installation costs. Worse, the joints on these pipes are the weakest links, where water, gas or oil can leak and cause environmental damage. For sewer pipes, these joints become a source of penetration of roots and require a constant maintenance expense.

The revolutionary InfinitPipe® overcomes all of these limitations

This innovative pipe takes advantage of this long-recognized engineering principle, and uses an inexpensive light-weight core as the web, while the more expensive carbon or glass fabric is used for the outside skin. The proprietary epoxy resin is cured in a short time as the pipe continually feeds off the specialized mandrel; additional lengths of pipe are made in a nonstop manner. with no joints -- resulting in an infinitely long pipe!


Advantages of InfinitPipe®

  • Built on site to any length and diameter
  • No joints to leak
  • Virtually no transportation costs
  • Designed for any internal pressure
  • FRP materials means no corrosion
  • No cathodic protection required
  • Pipe is directly placed in trench – Minimal installation charges
  • Pipe weighs 15% of conventional pipes
  • A sustainable green technology
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Construction can begin immediately – No waiting for custom pipes to be manufactured