On-Site Pipe Solution
InfinitPipe® is the latest revolutionary product developed by Professor Mo Ehsani that allows construction of a pipeline of virtually any size, shape and length... directly on the job site.
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Continuous, Corrosion Resistant FRP Pipe for Industry

InfinitPipe® is the revolutionary FRP-honeycomb pipe that can be made on-site, with no joints, at whatever length is needed. This high-pressure, corrosion- resistant pipe eliminates pipe joints – the No. 1 cause of leakage and maintenance in pipelines. This pipe garners international attention as a potential sustainable solution for several industry applications..


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An idea to save the world's coral reefs
image An innovative proposal to manufacture a durable, lightweight, single-piece pipe long enough to continually feed cooler water from nearby greater depths to heat stressed coral in the shallows.Read the proposal and see media response.
InfinitPipe gets boost from USDA
image The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) supports InfinitPipe for its potential major benefits to agriculture. Read the original USDA/NIFA announcement here.